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High Pass Settings, Raya Pro  

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The default high pass setting for Detail Shadows and Detail Lights is 118.7, presumably based on a specific camera. I use a D750 (24.3-MP FX-format sensor). What would be a good ball-park setting for me? (Newbie)

Thanks 🙂

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I think that's more about the image, its existing sharpness, and what you want to achieve and not about the camera, but I could be wrong.  


Grant Swinbourne
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I agree with Maria.  I normally set the brights to around 1.9-2 pixels whilst the shadows to 1.2-1.5 pixels.  Why these values.  Just trial and error with the way I process them.  Adds plenty of sharpness without going overboard.  There are softer images where I may up these values.  Usually when I go to the extremes of my aperture ranges or if I've missed the focus by a whisker.

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Thanks Maria and Grant. (And sorry for the delay - I got locked out of my account. Good start!)

Yes to both of you. It's essentially what I've been doing. Just seemed strange to have programmed such extreme settings as default.