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Tooltips and other Bugs in new Raya Pro UXP PlugIn  


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04/11/2020 5:17 pm  


I like the style of the newi Raya Pro UXP PlugIn. Very nice job!

When I tried out the new Raya Pro UXP PlugIn on Photoshop Version 20.0.0 (2021) I found some bugs wich you should remove:

1. Tooltips:  Every time I close Photoshop the tooltips are disabled and must be enabled again. Switching between the different modules of the PlugIn doesn`t matter. The Tooltips stay enabled, but closing Photoshop and reopen it will disable them all the time so they have to be enabled again.

2. Tutorial-Buttons: When clicking on one of the tutorial buttons in the PlugIn the correct help side comes up depending on what module I am. So far so perfect. But when I then try to switch to Photoshop by clicking it on the taskbar, Photoshop don`t appear. Instead of this another help side opens. This behavior turns on every time I click on Photoshop in the taskbar. So I can`t get Photoshop to come in front but get lots of the same help sides (Firefox 82.02, Windowws 10 - 2004). The only solution to stop this is to make the browser half sized or end it. When I close the PlugIn Window in Photoshop this behavior ends too. So it seems that it has something to do with the Tutorialbutton.

I hope you can comprehend this behavior and find a way to fix it. I didn`t test the PlugIn itself yet, so I can`t say if there are more problems at the moment




Grant Swinbourne
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07/11/2020 10:54 am  

I'm seeing a problem when I try to save as JPG.  The dialog to select a save name appears, however the JPEG Options dialog does not appear after selecting the name and the file therefore does not save.  I've not tried any other file formats yet.

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10/11/2020 9:58 am  

Hi there,

Let me address these points.

1. We were made aware of the jpeg issue and will fix that as soon as possible. Please use the normal Save As for now. Thank you.

2. The tooltips are designed to be disbaled by design. The way Adobe have set them up is a bit clunky, and often when tooltips are enabled some buttons are obscured and impossible to use. The correct way to use the tooltips is not to keep them on all the time, for the reasons I said above, but to simply flick them on whhen you want to know the function of a particular button, and then turn them off when you're done. That's why I've placed the buttom in a handy place.

3. The tutorial buttons error I'm not able to replicate and not fully sure what you mean, but if Photoshop is not opening when you click on the taskbar then that is more than likely a bug with PS. Remember that this UXP systemt is brand new, and we are early adopters, so there are bound to be some issues that Adobe need to iron out.


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17/11/2020 1:58 pm  

Hello, i do have a problem with my keyboard shortcuts [Mac Catalina] the shortcuts are the normal ones.

When i manually switch my tool then everything works fine till i use Raya Pro [UXP plug-in] again.

With the old Raya-Pro [5.0] everything works fine.

I hope for a solution.


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20/11/2020 1:09 pm  

I have exactly the same issue. Since updating to [UXP Plug in] Keyboard shortcuts do not work when using Instamask.