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Hi From Las Vegas NV.  


Brad West
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17/07/2020 8:07 pm  

I have been taking pictures and video for a very long time and still don't consider myself as a photographer. But after finding Raya Pro in a Google search and entering the world of Jimmy I feel much better about my end product. I must say that Jimmy's vision for this software still amazes me. 

Our main focus is cars. Shooting cars is a challenge for many different reasons the conditions we shoot in are cars stuffed together tight so a lot of times there is no room to shoot, the sun here is always a challenge and seems to be always in the wrong spot. So we get what we can and fix them with Raya Pro later. 

Here is just a taste of the cars we have to shoot. We have no decipal restrictions here so over 1000 horse power and open pipes is fine. This truck has air conditioning and all the candy in the cab. It is his daily driver.


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Mike Singh
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18/07/2020 8:18 am  

Hi Brad 

I did some car photos once and the tight spaces, highlights and reflections killed me!

Nice car even though it’s upside down!


Grant Swinbourne
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20/07/2020 1:33 am  

Welcome Brad.  That's a wild looking car!

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25/07/2020 5:37 pm  

Interesting car