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Second Challenge from Nathan Woodruff  


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17/07/2020 10:52 am  

The second photo challenge comes from Nathan Woodruff, who generously offered his images for you to download and process. I look forward to seeing your results!


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21/07/2020 1:03 am  

Here's my try.

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Mike Singh
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22/07/2020 6:36 am  

I found this one challenging. There were 5 bracketed images presented. The middle 2 had good dynamic range on the histogram. It would be possible to get a very good end result from either of these processed as a single image. However, I decided to challenge myself and do an exposure blend with these 2 images. The darker one for the sky and the brighter one for the foreground and mountains. In ACR I did custom WB and lens corrections. As there was movement in the tall branches and grass blooms in the foreground this was difficult for me to make a mask with instamask. I ended up using Precision Masks/Auto Dark 4 with some midtone edit of the mask: darker image on top.

I did some ACR adjustments as follows:

Foreground: white/black point set, reduced highlights

Sky: increase in contrast, texture, clarity

Db-RP5: Dodge and burn midtones on the mountains to bring out some details. Burn some areas in the clouds.

Sharpen. Vignette.


Here is my result.

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Mike Singh
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04/08/2020 12:53 pm  

Has anyone else edited the images?


Steve C
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06/08/2020 12:05 am  

I only used the middle 3 of the images. The two darker images I did a HDR merge (Lightroom) and then took my two images (dark and bright) into PS.

I used the Raya Pro dodge and burn to bring out detail in the Sky and reduced the saturation of the sky (too blue)

I created a new layer and warmed it with ACR then blended the highlights using Instamask. 

Sharpen for web (lowest setting) and vignette

Had a little bit of halo on edges - removed using clone stamp (darken mode) copy3


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Lars Madsen
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06/08/2020 2:32 pm  

Here is my contribution.

I have blended 21/42 together where I have taken the clouds from 41 with a dark 2 makse in IM.

Subsequently, I have used DB and WARM Orton effect.
Put on orange with a highlight mask, again made in DB. It is painted into the foreground to get a more golden glow. The opacity is lowered to 65%.
Then I in DB put a black mask on the clouds and painted them with black, to lower the light a little in them.

To finish, I have used manual vignette in FF and painted the edges dark, to make those who see the picture look towards the mountain.

Hope you like it.

Danish landscape photographer.

Shoot with Pentax.

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